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Little Tikes Commercial

Proudly representing Little Tikes Commercial Playgrounds, Commercial Recreation Products realizes there are so many options available and we want you to see all of them when designing and creating your next playground. That's why we proudly represent Little Tikes Commercial's sustainable techniques and inclusive design to ensure everyone gets to play.  View Little Tikes Commercial's catalog for the full list of offerings.

Playground Systems


Commercial Recreation Products uses your specific requirements to create a playground to fit your budget, space and age groups. Little Tikes Commercial offers several play systems:

  • KidBuilders® - open up a world of fun and adventure for kids of all ages.

  • NU-edge® - where nature meets the built environment.

  • Gelefish™ - taking imaginative play to a new level.

  • PlayBuilders® - bring the world of play to small spaces.

  • SkyBuilders® - taking adventure to new heights.

  • N-R-G Builders® - open units to stimulate the imagination and build strength and coordination.

  • N-R-G Freestyle™ - endless possibilities to move freely from one adventure to the next.

  • MaxPlay® - maximizing play for the smallest footprints and budgets.

The Importance of Sensory Play Inclusion

By including sensory equipment, you will be playing a key role in the development of the senses, fine-tuning children’s ability to discern textures, colors and other differences in the world around them and encouraging hands-on and active learning. This type of play can help children who have sensitivities to sensory exposure become more familiar and comfortable with sensory experiences. 

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